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Have you ever stopped and thought about how important your thoughts are to your life?

They have far-reaching effects on your behavior, your mood, your well being - actually, they effect everything that you do in your life.

Understanding and mastering your thoughts is vital to shaping how you want your life to be. These are some of the most important Clever skills that you need to master to ensure that you get all that you want out of your life.

An understanding of yourself, your health, you lifestyle options and your relationships with others are all vital to you achieving the life that you deserve.

We cut out the waffle, keeping our Clever Articles short and to the point so that you get the information you need to make positive changes to your life right from the start.

Our practical 'Do-It-Now' sections act like a doctors pill so that you can immediately feel the changes you want to make to your life. This will give you the motivation to keep going as we show you how to develop a Clever mind, healthy body and live a Clever Life through brain and body development, exercise, food, and nutrition tips along with those all important social and interpersonal skills you need to not just get along in life but to excel.

We believe in you!


Clever Life Articles


How to stop surviving and start succeeding.

How to stop surviving and start succeeding. Following on from our two articles, breaking-the-multi-tasking-myth-and-being-super-efficient and How to stop going in circles and get the success you deserve, we thought we should […]

be happy

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life We are generally taught that there is some purpose in life. There are no specifics, there are just underlying hints that we should have some higher […]

how to be a millionaire

How to be a millionaire.

How much money will you be making in 5 years time – 1 million? 10 million? 100 million? If you think that you could never earn that sort of money […]

What are you made of

What are you made of?

We are all faced with a world of Facebook images, Instagram smiles and awesome Tweets, but do they really show what you are made of or are they simply a mask, […]


Curiosity is good for you.

The saying goes that ‘curiosity killed the cat’ but in these modern days curiosity and careful questioning is needed to peel back layers of sensationalism and hype to get to […]


Attitude Matters

2016 Clever Contributor Damiao Lo is a business, leadership and IT coach who has spent many years working in Asia with multinational companies. Damiao has also developed and taught on Executive Training […]


Are you suffering from MMA?

Are you Suffering From MMA? We are constantly told that having lots of money, a good job, expensive car, big house or being famous means you are successful. But is this image of […]

Great wall

Barriers to success – negativity

Negativity Like attracts like and if you spend your time reading or listening to negative news stories, watching negative movies or playing games with hatred and fear it will effect the […]


The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? We start with the fact that you never seem to be able to get a clear answer to this question and then have to ask […]

Control your mind

Take control of yourself

Understand how clever you are and what you are capable of and you will have the ability to achieve whatever you want. Having confidence in yourself is repeated throughout these pages because it is […]

who controls you

Who controls you?

For most of us there is a constant battle going on in our heads between ‘you’ and ‘your mind’ and most of us are not aware of it. You want […]

success is up to you

Success is up to you

Understanding that all achievement comes through your bodily activity and no one else’s will ensure that you take responsibility for your actions. This prevents you from blaming other people or things […]

Time for change

How to have a great day.

Get up earlier and make a plan for your day. Plan to make positive changes in your life, plan to make your day more fun, plan to make it more successful, plan […]


Remembering passwords

Quick Tips – Passwords Here are two quick tips for improving your pass code strengths and remembering passwords. 1. Turn off your computer or Pad or Smart Phones ‘Remember Password’ option. […]


Simple steps to success.

It is very important to find the correct motivation to learn because having good motivation gives you a reason to concentrate and work hard. It helps to keep you going when […]

I can attitude

Guaranteed Success – Attitude

Attitude We all have the same mental ability to develop our understanding and knowledge, but what prevents some of us from achieving their best is often their own attitude. People often […]


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