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Boost your productivity: How to start the day right.

Article contributed by  S.Wanmer MGeol FGS (PhD student), volcanologist, researcher, writer, and adventurer.

With 101 things to think about in your personal and professional life, the morning can often feel like it starts off in the wrong gear. The trick is to not allow any time for your conscious to kick in and convince you that there are hundreds of things to do and that you don’t know where to begin. Here are some top tips to forming a productivity boosting work routine and habit.

A key technique that can be adopted to get a large piece of very important work done is to know what is important and to forget the less important and less urgent matters. A good way to see what really needs to be at the top of the list and the front of your mind is to make a simple column of the things you need to do alongside a colour coded column for importance and another for urgency.

You can colour code this grid like traffic-lights, putting red for the most important or most urgent, orange for moderate importance or urgency and green for not important and not urgent tasks. By doing this you might find that some tasks that often occupy the forefront of your mind are important but not actually urgent. Therefore, you can forget about that task for the time being and focus on the most important and most urgent tasks, knowing that you can relax and forget all the other things because they are written down on your importance and urgency rated to-do list.

Once you know what it is that you actually have to spend your energy on the next trick is to get to work straight away! As soon as you wake up, get up and start work, even for just a few minutes. This will allow you to start the day feeling motivated and is particularly applicable if you are a student or run your own business. You’ll probably find that you can tick a lot of things off your to-do list before lunchtime if you begin straight away and then continue to accidently keep the pace!

This principal is also relevant if you work in an office. The first thing most of us do when we get to the office in the morning is check our emails, this can actually kill your motivation and enthusiasm for your work, so instead sit and think about the things you will achieve in the day ahead or start to write and then check your emails after already starting your work. Start working straight away!

If you do these things every day they will gradually become routine and a habit that will increase your productivity in everything that you do, helping you to make the most of every day by starting the day right.

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