Be a winner TODAY! What is stopping you?

I want to be clever!

When you say “I want” you are thinking about something you DON’T have.

For example:

“I want more money (because you don’t have enough);

“I want success” (because you don’t think that you are successful). 

‘I want’ is based in negative thoughts of what you don’t have or cannot do.

To help you change your negative thinking into positive thoughts all you have to do is to believe that the answer to anything you ask for is YES.

For example:

“I want to be Clever”. By assuming that YES is the answer to everything you can see that the result is…Yes, you do want to be clever”.

“I want to be successful” Answer Yes you do want to be successful”.

You can now see that this type of thinking gets you nowhere because you are concentrating on what you don’t have and that you want more which simply leaves you agreeing with your current problem. “YES, you do want to be successful”. This type of thinking does not help you to actually get closer to being successful and is not assertive enough to put you in the right frame of mind for you to get what you want.

Successful people think positively.

Let’s try again with some more direct thinking:

I will be Clever!

“I will be clever”. Answer “Yes you will be.”

This is a more positive statement but “will be” does not tell you when. You will have what you want one day…maybe?

If you really believe that you are already clever (which you are) then this will set your mind in the right mood to keep building on that and increase your cleverness and success.

Let’s try again.

I am clever!

“I am clever” – Answer “Yes you are clever”.

“I am successful” – “Yes you are successful”.

‘I am’ or ‘I can’ forms a very positive statement and sets your mind into the right mode for action. It will set-up thought patterns along the lines of ‘I am clever so I will pass this course’, ‘I can do this’ and the answer is YES YOU CAN!

I am successful and I can do this!

bike jumpYou see! With this type of thinking you are setting your mind, beliefs, and actions up for success. There is no doubt to hold you back and you are not thinking about what you don’t have – You are thinking about what skills you DO have and that you are going to have MORE.

I am not going to do what many ‘think positive’ books, CD’s and success articles do by telling you to “think it and it will come true” like magic!

There is no magic involved here. This type of thinking will help to change your frame of mind and make you more open and receptive to new ideas. It will also motivate you to learn new things and try new ideas which will lead to you to greater success.

A positive CAN DO attitude is the best motivator you can have.

Believing that you are already clever and successful will change the way you look at challenges and events by helping you to be more positive and motivated.

Believe you can do it and keep working at it and you will succeed – no magic required!

Do it nowDo it NOW!

Believe in yourself, have a ‘Can Do’ attitude;

Watch out for self-destructive thoughts;

Accept that you are responsible for what you can and cannot do;

Be positive – start taking control of your life.

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