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By Richard a professional recruitment consultant and Clever Contributor 2016.

A good CV is part of any job search – It is important to point out here the word part of a job search!

A job search can be a long and challenging process, regardless of the reason for the career move. It takes a significant amount of time and energy. Rescheduling your already busy week to attend interviews, applying for jobs and deal with the highs and lows that go with the process.

With modern technology and information sharing all too frequently job seekers and career movers spend a disproportionate amount of time laser focused on creating that perfect CV neglecting to update their internet profiles and other information which are commonly used by potential employers.

“A good CV is like a healthy breakfast, it is the perfect way to start and set yourself up for success, but it is just the start of your day. The best CV is literally a black and white piece of paper (or Word/PDF document).

The activity that follows your CV is as equally important to securing your next job, so once you have the perfect CV it is time to for action. Unfortunately, too many job seekers are unwilling to move on to this stage and just tinker with their CV again, and again, making minute adjustments.

Here is a list of important follow-ups that you need to do to secure that dream job…

Do it nowDo It NOW!

1) Update your linked-in profile. Like it or not this is your online resume and both employers and many recruiters will go there after receiving your CV submission to confirm who you are, and to see if you have a professional looking profile.

2) Apply directly to employers that you are interested in and FOLLOW UP. Sadly the days of going door-to-door and speaking to the hiring manager are long dead, but the phone still works. After you apply for a job call the hiring manager to confirm they have received your resume and express your interest.

3) When you talk to the Hiring manager prepare a few questions to sell yourself and book yourself an interview. Some great questions to ask come from old-fashioned sales techniques and can increase your chances of getting an interview. Asking questions that have positive answers typically help. Ask if they will be interviewing candidates with similar backgrounds to yourself and always ask when interviews will be and if you are likely to considered. By following up you are putting yourself above 90% of your competition right out of the starting gate.

4) Develop a relationship with 2-3 recruiters that specialize in your field. Do not meet with a recruiter for the sake of meeting with them, or register with as many agencies as possible as this will totally waste your time (even more so than re-writing your CV).

5) Look for recruiters that have been with their current companies for 2 or more years and specialize in your field. If you meet with a recruiter and they give you a service level interview that lasts 15 minutes, find another one as they likely don’t believe they can help you. Established relationships with effective two -way communication often lead to interviews and success, so use this avenue.

6) Plan to spend time on your job search. If you just plan to click and apply and maybe go to a couple of interviews this will be reflected in your results. A job search takes serious time and energy (both physical and emotional). Look at your calendar and pick an appropriate period where you are going to be able to dedicate extra time to this activity.

A great CV is necessary and an excellent first step, but please remember that is just the first step and the not the only step. After your CV is ready, put one foot in front of the other and get active. Rather than spending hours agonizing over how to rewrite your resume do an activity. Activity generates results and simply the most successful job seekers are the most active ones, not necessarily the ones with the most refined CV’s.

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