10 Easy Steps To Being Positive 

10 Easy Steps To Being Positive

The first thing to overcome on your pathway to success is often your own negativity.

Research has repeatedly shown that a positive attitude is vital for achieving eventual greatness.

Success requires a positive attitude and effort. Even the so-called gifted have to work at things to be good at them. It’s not all luck. The good news is that with a little help and the right attitude you will get what you want in the end. 

The 10 Easy Steps To Being Positive 

1. Avoid dwelling on your failures and weaknesses.

You are good at many things. Start thinking about all the things that you ‘can do’ rather than those things you cannot do. We are a highly complex organism capable of an endless amount of amazing things. Remember this and congratulate yourself on them, however small they may seem.

2. Put an end to negative self-talk.

We are often our own worst critic. Those mental words flashing across your brain as you make a small mistake or could have done something better hold you back. Recognise them and start thinking of the positive things that you did and the things that you did well. Remember ‘no one is perfect’.

3. Concentrate on your achievements.

Keep the positives in mind. Even when something goes wrong there is some positive learning taking place – even if you learn not to do it that way again! Remember your other achievements and move on.

4. Make it a habit to re-live your successes.

Remember the good feelings success and achievement gave you. Even if they were very small achievements, remember all the positive feelings they gave you. Your brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality, so reminding yourself of your successes during the day will help to release good feelings in you which will help you be more positive.

5. Don’t fear failure.

Don’t think of things as an all or nothing situation where you either succeed or fail. Make things a little easier for yourself and think of the situation as a practice to see how you get on this time. This will help to reduce the brains automatic fear of failure and limit negativity, keeping you in a positive mood ready for action.

6. Imagine the positive feelings of success.

Imagine you are already successful, feel the emotions and the excitement. Imagine telling your friends and family. Imagine their reactions to your success. Once again, your brain does not know the difference between imagination and reality so by filling it with feelings of success it will actually believe that you have already done it. Doing it again (for real this time) will be easy! Professional athletes often use this technique to get their brains in the right gear for success.

7. Keep away from negative people.

Be with people who make you stronger in some way, not those that knock you down. Try to spend more time with people who support you whether it be family, friends or just someone who has the same interests as you.

8. Don’t expect too much.

Most things in life do not have instant results. Be positive by looking at the distance you have already come and each positive step you are making now and not the distance you have yet to go.

9.  Concentrate on the small steps.

Many things in life are so complicated that they are completely overwhelming. Break things down and concentrate on achieving small steps. Doing even really small things is still positive progress. Small steps are easy and each little achievement will help to keep you in a positive frame of mind.

10. Accept your limitations.

Everyone is good at something but no one is good at everything. Despite all the “you can do it” hype in books and on the internet today, you should understand that you cannot do everything. If you have really tried but cannot do something do not let it drag you down. Move on and find something that you can do.

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